Pehla Nasha

Anonymous asked: "Hi, can u make gifs of Raman and Ishita when he breaks her fast and of them arguing? Please.."

Made on the fast breaking scene :) 

posted 1 week ago

titli-barsee asked: "hi!! i just wanted to tell you that i love your yhm gifs! there doesn't seem to be much love for yhm on tumblr (no official site or anything) but thank you for making gifs on them anyway haha =)"

Yeah I’ve observed, not much love on it for tumblr. I love the show and it inspires me to be creative. I am glad you like them <3 thanks so much.

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Anonymous asked: "Please tell me, how do you make gifs? :)"

How much detail do you need? From scratch?

posted 3 weeks ago

Anonymous asked: "I've been following you for a while now, and just wanted to say in love with your gifs :) every thing about them is flawless :D you've improved so much and it's great to see that!"

AW :) thanks so much dear. 

posted 3 weeks ago